Phebe Partridge

Phebe Partridge


Deadlift: 235

Back Squat: 205

Front Squat: 180

Shoulder Press: 90

Strict Pull up: 1


Bachelor's Degree in English/Communication

CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I’ve always enjoyed playing sports or any group games: dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and volleyball. It didn’t matter what it was, if it was a sport or game, I wanted to play. I never played sports in any official capacity but I still found a way to play them all the time. In high school, I did Mixed Martial Arts for two years. I found it to be a great stress reliever. I grew up wrangling, wrestling, and training all kinds of animals. I built some farm girl strength that way. I rode horses competitively for about six years on my wonderful horse, Dewey. Other than that, I stayed active in college by working out with friends and playing ultimate frisbee.

Turning Point

This is a cheesy quote, I’m not sure where it comes from, but I find it helpful: don’t just let life happen to you, you have to make life happen. I tend to float through life, which has some advantages. But a big disadvantage is squandering opportunities and wasting time. I’ve been trying to change my perspective and realize that I can set up goals and achieve them. I just have to actually set goals and work slowly and consistently toward them. This requires more organization than I typically have, but that’s part of my growing process too. Side note/unrelated: cardio is the real enemy.

Motivation & Passion

I’ve known this about myself for a while, but I am willing to try almost anything if someone will just do it with me. Community is essential to me. I’d like to say that the intensity and hard work of CrossFit drew me in, but that’s not necessarily true. I certainly enjoy the results of that hard work and how it is improving my life, but I am mainly drawn in time and time again by the people and the community. As a coach, I would love to help draw others into the community.

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