Mary Hollingsworth

Mary Hollingsworth

Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach, Co-Owner

Deadlift: 275

Back Squat: 215

Front Squat: 185

Power Clean: 160

Fran: 5:40

Spreadsheet Queen (aka Pie Charts)


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2) and CrossFit Kids Certificate

TRX Suspension Course

MBA, BS Accountancy, & BS Computer Information Systems

About Coach

I am a mom, a coach, and a small business owner, and CrossFit truly has changed my life. I was not very athletic growing up. I took dance classes (ballet & jazz) and was on the high school dance team. After College, I started running, doing yoga, and Zumba. When my girlfriend first suggested I try CrossFit I never thought it was something I would get into...flash forward a couple of years and I had fallen in love with the sport. I went from not being able to lift a barbell or do a pull-up to now being able to deadlift 275lbs and do multiple strict pull-ups in a workout. In addition to seeing a drastic improvement in my overall health and fitness capacity and I have gained the support of an amazing group of people in our Kingman CrossFit community. I was approached to help run our CrossFit Kids program a few years into my CrossFit journey and then a few years later had the opportunity to become part owner of Kingman CrossFit, along with Chris and Amanda. Best. Decision. Ever.

Turning Point

Mentally, I was in a pretty bad place when I first started CrossFit. I had just gone through a rough divorce and had become a brand new single mom. As I grew physically stronger I found that I became mentally stronger as well. There's something magical about leaving all of your problems at the door and coming in to just throw some weight around and get sweaty with a group of people that genuinely care about you. Thanks to CrossFit I have found a new, stronger, more confident version of myself.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about working hard to become BETTER EVERY DAY and I love watching our members do the same thing! If you're struggling to set or meet your goals I'd love to sit down and work through that with you.

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