Jason Potthoff

Jason Potthoff


Back Squat: 525

Bench: 370

Good at hiking with a 45 pound backpack around the hills all summer and destroying a pizza here or there.


CrossFit Level 2

Been lifting since 2004

About Coach

Played soccer, football, and ran track. Also competed in powerlifting competitions. Won a couple of state competitions for powerlifting back in the day.

Turning Point

I was a young kid that got picked on because I couldn’t spell, read, or write. Not much has changed since then. I started to work out so people would stop picking on me. Once I did that I realized I was pretty strong and enjoyed working out, then even started competing in powerlifting. I would like to help my athletes see that working out can be fun and enjoyable.

Motivation & Passion

I like to teach proper technique and form to stay safe and move with efficiency. I really enjoy coaching people with a willing attitude, they are the ones that continuously better themselves.

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