Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons

Head Coach, Co-Owner

Snatch: 255

Clean & Jerk: 320

Back Squat: 400

Front Squat: 367

Deadlift: 500

Endurance: ZERO


CrossFit Level 2

USAW Certified Coach

CrossFit Weightlifting

About Coach

I started so far away from where I am now, but I think thats just a testament to what incorporating CrossFit into your life can do for you. I played a lot of sports in school. I was always pretty average, but my small size kept me from really excelling at sports like Football. After high school I got into rock climbing and actually got very well known in the sport. I began getting sponsors and really started to make a name for myself. One Christmas, my lovely wife Amanda gave me a month pass to Kingman CrossFit. I was very scared that CrossFit would hurt my climbing abilities, but knew I could use the cross training. After I finished my first workout, I knew I was hooked. I began spending more time at the gym, more time working on weaknesses and really fell in love with the community. After a few years at the gym I was asked to become a coach to help out around the gym and once that happened I knew I had found my calling in life. In 2020, during a whirlwind of a year, I was approached with the opportunity to become part owner of Kingman CrossFit, and it’s something I knew I couldn’t pass up. If anyone would have asked me 10 years ago if I would be a coach and owner of Kingman CrossFit, I would have told them they were crazy, but I’ll tell you what…. THIS is where I’m meant to be, these are the people I want to be surrounded by and this is where WE are at our best. I'm so incredibly lucky to call this gym and community my home.

Turning Point

I remember watching my grandfather suffer a life ending heart attack at a pretty young age. I didn’t know it then, but I now know that there is a long history of diabetes, heart disease and obesity in my family, with a majority of their illnesses being treatable with physical activity and diet changes. I know those cards are stacked up against me, but I plan on doing everything possible to continue to not only live a healthy life for myself and my wife, but to show others that they too can live long, healthy lives as well.

Motivation & Passion

I’m so passionate about coaching members that are goal driven! Setting goals, following plans and achieving them are some of the most fulfilling things we can do. I love seeing member’s faces after they get their first pull-up, beat an old workout time, or show me a pair of pants they used to wear that are too big for them now. I personally have fulfilled a lot of my goals in strength sports, more specifically Olympic weightlifting, so if you’re looking to gain strength, achieve a new athletic goal or just gain some endurance to get back into hiking, I’M YOUR GUY!

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