Blake Walker

Blake Walker

Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach

Back Squat: 205

Overhead Squat: 140

Deadlift: 235

Greatest Strength: I probably know most song lyrics from the 50's to now (I love all music).


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids Certificate

About Coach

Growing up I was not really into any of the mainstream sports, I was a dancer. I did jazz, ballet, tap, and modern dance. When I went to middle school I became a cheerleader and loved the aspect of building friendships, cheering our team on, and also competing. I enjoyed it so much that when I went to high school I joined an all-star competitive team and did that for four more years where I also became a coach for our younger teams. During this time I also went to school full-time, worked at a tutoring company, a gymnastics traveling gym, and babysitting at a local jazzercise gym. My mom always instilled in me that you have to earn things in life and work hard for them and so that is what I did. Fast-forward and now I am a mom of two, married, and in a great place that offers the same things that I had been searching for since I was younger; a place to make friends, cheer people on, and have some fun competition between friends. I have CrossFit to thank for my health emotionally and mentally. It not only helped me in getting stronger, but it helped me through both of my pregnancies as well. That is why when I was asked to become a CrossFit Kids Coach and Level 1 Coach I had to jump at the opportunity and I am so happy I did! With CrossFit, you can always set new goals and improve something and I believe that I am always working to better those around me and myself in some shape or form.

Turning Point

I was 25 on a treadmill at a regular gym wondering what I was going to do that day when my mom tapped me on my shoulder to ask me to join her at her CrossFit class in the back of the building. This was not the first time she had asked me, but I finally gave in because she said it was just her and the coach. I felt that CrossFit was more for the macho muscle people and always felt intimidated to check it out. Mind you, my family has a history of obesity and high blood pressure, so my mom was not a macho muscular person, but I still had that in my mind. As I was walking to the CrossFit area I was going past all the people who look at themselves in the mirror, all the huge muscle guys, and went past the doorway into this crazy other world. It was not intimidating and had a good vibe, the coach was fit, but was so welcoming and personable that I forgot where I was. After my first class I signed up for a month just to see how I felt and each day I went there were more and more new people I met and we would cheer each other on and push one another, it felt like a new home to me. I was able to just forget about the world, work out, and have a good time with friends. Even though I couldn't do much I was always giving myself a goal to complete or build up to something new. Many years later and I still thank my mom every time I talk to her for introducing me to this amazing community and helping me get my health back on track.

Motivation & Passion

I really enjoy coaching from kids to adults, I truly want everyone to feel that they have accomplished something and had a great time. I want to show athletes that no matter what version you are working with that you will kick butt and that you can set goals to work towards. I love watching a kids class, adult class or coaching 1 on 1 and seeing the when something clicks and everything falls into place with the athlete. At that moment they realize that they are strong, capable and they can't wait to come back the next day to do it all over again. Seeing people coming into the box and the worries of the day, then talking to them, showing them what they are able to do and watching them accomplish something that they had in them all along is what makes me feel like I did my job.

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