Amanda Simmons

Amanda Simmons

Nutrition Coach, Coach, Co-Owner

2:55 FRAN

165# Overhead Squat

Food prep for an entire week in sub 3 hours

2:06:16 half marathon- I HATE RUNNING

Exceptional at finding good deals on quality CrossFit clothing and accessories

I can eat an incredible amount of vegetables


Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1

Working Against Gravity certified nutrition coach

About Coach

I grew up basically in the middle of nowhere, and I never really did anything athletic. I was very active outside because there wasn't much else to do, and I was also taught by my parents to ALWAYS work hard, which I think has translated well into my CrossFit career. I was super skeptical about starting CrossFit, but I had seen it around on social media and I just knew it was something I had to do. I stepped into the gym one day to try out a free class, and I have never looked back. Every single day was exciting for me, and it still is. I fell in love with seeing my progress in the gym, feeling more confident about myself, and finally finding my "family". There is something about being strong, mentally and physically, that has drastically improved my life, my marriage, and really all of my relationships. Competing in CrossFit eventually led me down my Nutrition coaching path, as I learned in order to keep progressing, I would need to cover all of my bases. In 2017 I hired a nutrition coach, I dove in 110% and learned it was something I loved, which led to getting certified as a nutrition coach myself so that I could pass on my knowledge and experience and help others change their lives the same way a coach changed mine.

Turning Point

My husband and I used to live very different lives. We were both working long hours away from home, not spending much time with each other or with other people, and certainly not taking care of ourselves. When I joined Kingman CrossFit, I didn't have many friends... I didn't even enjoy talking to people really. I have never felt so welcomed into a community before, and my love for being social has completely blossomed. Once my husband (Coach Chris) finally jumped on the CrossFit bandwagon, everything in our lives really began to fall into place. Now we take pride in taking care of ourselves for each other and for our family.

Motivation & Passion

I want everyone to feel good about themselves, I want them to feel strong and healthy in and out of the gym. I want people to have that balance in their life, where they are taking care of themselves but also able to enjoy the important events in life without feeling guilty. I used to dislike myself and my body so much, and no one deserves to feel like that. My goal is to teach people that balance is key.

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